Friday, 15 November, 2019

Osun: Minority leader carpets HoA on committee composition

The Honorable representing Ede North State Constituency who doubled as minority leader in the Osun State House of Assembly has registered his displeasure over the composition of house committees.

In a press release personally signed copies which were obtained by our correspondent, the Lawmaker described the composition as undemocratic. “It was a rude shock to me and my members when Mr Speaker read out names of committee members without given any role to the opposition”

His words “The composition of the committee where only the ruling party members were appointed to chair different committees shows we are heading towards a one party system in Osun State which if not checked, it will be inimical to our democracy”

“Their must be checks and balances in whatever we do as legislators hence, denying opposition members to chair any committee is absurded and undemocratic”.

“With the composition arrangement, it’s empirical evident the ruling party is looking for all possible means to silence opposition in the state which will not stand”

“We cannot afford to be lagging behind as a State while others are making laws that promote good governance and policies that will make ordinary man on the street feel the impact of government positively”

Democracy is a government of the people by the people and for the people. However, if democracy must survive, strong oppositions with constructive criticisms must be allowed.

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What is the name of the minority leader?
What language is absurded?
Always edit what you post.

Akinola Oladosu

Babajide kofoworola


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