Sunday, 17 November, 2019

Creation Of Regional Supreme Court Is Long Overdue -Keyamo Reveals

The ministerial nominee from Delta State, Mr Festus Keyamo, SAN has called on the federal government to decentralise the supreme court. He made this assertion while feeding questions from the senators during the screening exercise at the Senate chamber, today.

“It is scandalous, unethical and wasting of time  for frivolous matters to be heard by the supreme court. These are matters that ought to have been heard and adjudicated on by the regional supreme court”

“If I’m appointed as Minister of Justice and Attorney General, I have three cardinal points to work on which I tagged ‘3 Ds’; Decongestion of Supreme Court, Decongestion of Prisons and Decongestion of Other courts. These are very critical in dispensing accurate and timely justice” he declared

“Any matter that would be brought before the Supreme Court must be heard and adjudicated on by all the justices of the supreme court. It’s unethical where a case would be determined by just seven out of twenty-one justices of the supreme court thereby becomes binding on all other justices. This, I will suggest to should be discouraged and be abolished” he added

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